Modafinil - to buy and to win. Do not sleep, do not drink, do not smell!

Modafinil — to buy and to win

Do not sleep, do not drink, do not smell!
Back in 2003, Modafinil was called Viagra for the brain. And that was a damn good comparison. Initially, Viagra was produced as a remedy for heart disease, but with a more detailed study of the supplement, it turned out that the issue of heart disease is not so acute. Modafinal was also originally produced as a remedy for narcolepsy, but it turned out that all magic is hidden in the details and its effect in the fight against narcolepsy is one of many effects.
Later, thanks to the US military, a huge spectrum of medicine action was discovered, which made it very attractive to a wide range of consumers. In fact, the military refused from it in favor of stronger, even more harmful substances. When you have a choice between harm from the pills and the ability to be killed, it is logical to choose something stronger, although more harmful. For everyone else, it’s quite opposite, and so today modafinil can be easily purchased even on our website.
And yes, other medicines as Ritalin, methamphetamine, and others also help with narcolepsy, but modafinil acts differently. While many stimulants can cause addiction, modafinil is the opposite and is now used in the treatment of cocaine addiction. Due to the peculiarities of its action, it eliminates the narcotic effect of cocaine and reduces cravings for it, while it does not cause addiction. This medicine turned out to be effective in the treatment of alcoholism. But these effects are more interesting to our politicians than to sportsmen.

Modafinil in sports

For sportsmen turned out to be interesting such effects of modafinil, as its ability to increase concentration of attention and increase stability of attention, improve memory, and increase working capacity. This allows sportsmen of difficult coordination sports (gymnastics), representatives of combat sports (boxing, MMA) to master technical and tactical elements faster and more efficiently, and to conduct pre-competitive training more effectively. This medicine is also used by professional poker players. And all for the same purposes — a game lasting many hours requires tremendous nervous tension, and modafinil can be easily bought and used without harm to health, gaining an advantage over competitors. This medicine increases also operating time to failure during loads requiring endurance. It turns out that not only the brain, but also the body becomes more endurant.
But why do fitness models use modafinil? And again appears a feature of his action. This drug suppresses appetite and makes it easier to bear dietary restrictions, and simultaneously increase level of activity. It turns out a double win — the person wants to eat less and wants to do something more.

But there are also disadvantages

Yes, everything should be paid. Although modafinil is a legal medicine and can be easily bought without breaking the law, it is a rather powerful supplement. In addition to the standard for any medicine (and not only medicine but also food) possible individual intolerance, modafinil has adverse effects that are dose-dependent. This means that if the dose is increased, the risk of adverse effects increases. Such adverse effects include insomnia, headaches, irritability, and the fact that you can be caught doping. Yes, that’s how it works. If the pills really has a powerful effect on athletic performance, then it is quiet quickly can be attributed to doping. That’s why, it is important to take into account not only advantages, but also disadvantages and not to forget that any pills are supplements to the right workouts, balanced nutrition and quality rest.

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